Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fond memories

I was listening to Rick Stein on the radio today and was interested to hear how he had been responsible in  instilling a desire to visit France for so many people after his series A French Odyssey.  For me also this series  prompted  us to venture to rural France, tasting tasting wonderful food while we cycled the Canal du Midi. He actually barged the canals which is an experience I look forward to doing one day also.  

The canal systems around France are amazing, the engineering involved, given these were all dug without the benefit of machinery, blows you away. 

Dotted along the canal are many small eateries providing local produce, duck cooked in a variety of ways spoils you for choice.  I was glad we were cycling, at least it burnt off a few of the calories.  There are very few hills so cycling is relatively easy, which is a great thing!   Every so often you will see a supply barge, which services the multitude of barges and noddy boats on the waterways.  The English, Germans and Dutch are keen on barging, some traveling down from Holland.  Holland apparently build fabulous barges and are keenly sought after.  It was astounding the amount of people, all nationalities actually living on the canal, their decks dotted with potted colour, bbq's of all shapes and sizes and various flags flying from the stern.  I look forward one day to flying an Australian flag and taking a very slow sail down one of the many canals, stopping as often as possible and trying new and delicious food, making new friends and soaking up all life has to offer.  Hope you enjoyed some of my memories.  Next blog, back to me actually cooking something and not waffling on!