Friday, July 13, 2012

It's been a long time between drinks!

It's hard to know where the time goes, seems not that long ago I was blogging at a break neck speed, then life got busy I guess.  Since my last blog I have been lucky enough to spend some time overseas in France, England and visit Croatia for the first time.  I have still been cooking a great deal and now give cooking lessons which I really enjoy, I think I must be a frustrated home economics teachers!  I recently held a hands on pasta making lesson with a couple of easy sauces.  The day was a hoot and the people were keen students who got over their fear of the dreaded pasta machine.

Introducing people to new cuisines and culture is also something I have been pursuing inasmuch that now I actually take people on tours around different suburbs known for their diversity in food.  It's a wonderful experience when people enjoy something new, such was the case for a couple of people who tasted yum cha for the first time.

As well as introducing new cuisines I have started hosting dinners celebrating a different cuisine each time and in some cases perfect strangers attend and leave as friends looking forward to the next one.   Eating around a table is a great tool to bring people together, perhaps all countries in political strife at the moment should try it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and look forward to doing some serious food blogging in the next week or so, I have made a number of different things all with pictures, just have to get my act together.

Happy cooking