Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally the pictures.

I visit Victoria Street, at least once every two weeks, sometimes more depending on how much I am hanging out for egg noddle soup with bbq pork and wontons from Thanh Fong.   After nourishment I set about visiting my favourite places for meat, poultry, pantry items and veg.  I darted around from store to store terrifying some of the store holders with my camera, I even had one chap hide from me, perhaps I should have told him I was shooting for Cleo's next  bachelor :)  After some pensive looks, they all settled down after I explained in a fashion what the heck I was doing!  I have made an effort to photograph most of the items with the prices readable to emphasise the amount of savings that can be had, if you know where to go.  Pork being one of the most popular meats in Vietnamese cooking you are guaranteed great quality and price in Richmond, expect to pay at least a third less.  This can be said for eye fillet steak, other varieties of beef, rump, sirloin definitely worth a trip if you are near by.  Notice the great price on the very ripe tomatoes, a few kilo of these slow roasted in the oven with garlic (as per one of my previous blogs) ideal to have on hand to add a special something.   Duck one of my favourite things, a duck will set you back $22 cooked, bbq sweet pork $20, it comes with the sauce, so if you don't feel like cooking, some rice, bok choy @ 50cents a bunch, there's a take away a cut above the rest.  The hot bread shop is my favourite for great tasting bbq chicken, coriander and a mixture of other yummy Vietnamese condiments at $3.20 it's a great lunch.  French style bread is also available, perhaps one the  good things the French did while occupying Vietnam, taught the locals their bread baking skills.  
If you're planning some stir fry meals in the week ahead I would suggest you head down to your local Asian community area and have a wander around, not only will you save on the weekly shopping bill, but by asking you will gain knowledge about fruit, veg, sauces etc, etc that you probably haven't heard of.  It's a great way to get to know and embrace another wonderful part of the melting pot that is the Australian Culture!        

More photos, descriptions and prices on my facebook page, I hope you have found this helpful.  It would be great to get a permanent page going where other great shopping areas for interesting produce could be made available to any other people out there interested.  So if you have a special shopping place you thing may be of interest, send me the details and we can start getting it together

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