Thursday, April 29, 2010

Victoria Street, Richmond

I have always found Richmond a great place to buy pork, as it is a very popular meat in Vietnamese cooking, the quality and price is difficult to beat.

Only relevant pic I had that would download!

Well I had a great day in Richmond, starting off with lunch, which is always a foregone conclusion.  In between scaring local traders with my camera I managed to cover a number of areas ranging from best place to buy pork to good prices for bok choy.  Sadly technology is fighting with me and will not allow me upload the many pics I took.  Bear with me and hopefully I will have them uploaded asap, meanwhile if you are interested in my day out, click the link to my facebook page on the right hand side of the blog to see what I have been up to, as it would work there, go figure!

I have also been busy cooking some economical and tasty of meals, including pork and intend to blog about some slow cooking ideas, with pics of course, as we head into the colder months.  As always value your feedback. 

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