Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Soapbox after watching a doco

Cooking is not just about what is on the plate, I think it's more about how the plates can connect on the table, they seem to have the ability of bringing family, friends and people together.  I know this sounds pretty simplistic, but hey nothing else seems to be working.   Perhaps if all cultures sat, ate, talked and shared recipes around the same table we would not have the issues that we have today. The bottom line is we all want to live, care for our children, and basically lead a happy life, it's a bugger that's it's so hard for so many of the world's  people to do just that!   

I wonder if it would help getting all  the world's leaders around this table, no I think they have done that (on a regular basis)  but still nothing productive happens. Ok enough of me on the soapbox!

I have some blogs coming on "kids in the kitchen" and economical family meals.  As always would love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

Happy cooking!

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