Friday, April 23, 2010

Bogged down!

I'm bogged down in not knowing what to blog about first!  In the next couple of weeks I will be talking about baby food, if you havn't picked up on it already good nutrition for children is one of my hobby horses.

  In the coming weeks I am going to take a trip down to one of my favourite streets in Melbourne, Victoria Street try and take some pics of my suppliers with smiling faces and give those of you interested an idea of how, what and where when it comes to buying Asian supplies.

I try to make meals out of ingredients that are in season, and no doubt you have heard all this before, the celebrity chefs wax lyrical about seasonal produce continually.  The thing is if you know where to go, in season ingredients are less expensive and they do taste better.  To cut to the chase I bought red peppers $3.87 per kilo, so today I am going to stuff them with a veal  & rice mixture and make a tomato sauce to accompany.  Well that's solved today's recipe blog, all going well it should be on later tonight.

As always would really love some more feedback, the reason I am venturing into Victoria Street is because someone out there in the vortex has requested it, happy to accommodate!  Any excuse for me to stop for a while and have lunch :)

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I have been talking about, but why let the content get in the way of a good picture. I found it while searching and remember eating it and it bought back great memories, so why not share.

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