Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogs on the way

I have been away for a few days, enjoying what others have to offer in the way of culinary delights. I have  a number of recipes and pictures of course to blog about on my return. As the leaves turn to that lovely rich red and the grass greens once again I feel inspired to cook some hearty dishes that warm you up from within, which got me thinking about France. A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to spend some time  there in both Paris and rural France.  The markets in France, even in the very small towns were a pleasure to stroll through, full of taste sensations and happy faces,  there you find fast food in terracotta pots filled with cassoulet, terrines, and an assortment of yummy stuff!  For around nine euro (15 AU) you can have a great meal and you get to keep the container, bonus.  We stayed in a country town called Ginestas which is very close to the Canal du Midi,  Rick Stein, the English chef did a program years ago called "A French Odyssey" where he barged down this canal to the Mediterranean stopping from time to time to eat at different small cafes. We didn't barge, but we did cycle, and as it's a canal it's flat, which is sensational as I am way past cycling up hills. There are the most beautiful places to stop, eat, drink red wine, picnic and pick the obligatory flowers on the way. My daughter also spent some time there  on exchange and brought me home some cookery books, fortunately her French is great as is my father in laws so I am looking forward to giving the French country classics a whirl after they have been translated to the degree I need, I have only mastered the very basics in French,  I am great at ordering meals!  I will add some of my favourite French pics to this blog upon my return,  surprisingly they all tend to revolve around, yep, food

One of the barges along the canal that sell fresh bread, fruit & vegetables .   As you can see the markets sell just about everything to go,  the French to fast food in a spectacular fashion!
Yes they are crayfish legs, I don't know what they are feeding on, but it's obviously working, they are huge.

Assortment of pickled sardines and vegetables

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