Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty Corny!

Not long ago I had a sad experience at the cafe that make my favourite corn fritters. They weren't as corny as I like! Disappointed that the owner didn't want to hear my feedback I was determined to create my own fritter recipe... with extra corn thanks very much!

I use a can of corn, a small grated potato (squeeze to remove excess water), an egg, heaped tablespoon of plain flour, 2 tablespoons of milk, teaspoon of paprika, a few leaves of basil, oregano and parsley chopped, salt and pepper. The consistency should be reasonably thick so that you can spoon it into the pan but runny enough to spread. Depending on the moisture in the potato and corn you may need to tweak the flour and milk to get a not too runny not to thick mixture, just right!

Fry these in a little olive oil. Make sure the oil is hot then when adding the batter reduce to a medium heat to ensure they brown but also cook through. Cooking them slow will make it easier to flip as the batter cooks rather than just browning the outside, be patient. I have flipped many a fritter too soon and messed it up, luckily they still taste good even when they don't look quite right!

This recipe will be enough for 5 reasonably sized fritters. Serve these with sweet chilli sauce fresh vietnamese mint and sour cream if you have it. For a more substantial breakfast top with some grilled bacon. 

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