Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids in the kitchen

I had a great dinner with my sister a couple of days ago, and she was telling me how my nieces enjoy watching the lifestyle cooking channel.  Now, every Saturday they have a cooking day with their mum, so I thought a recipe for them would be appropriate.  This is for you girls, let me know how they taste!

I use a sausage mince from my butcher as I prefer it over the supermarket options.  Check with your butcher, I'm sure he will be able to help.

In a large bowl add 1kg sausage mince, 2 medium onions, one diced and raw, one diced and gently fried, this adds both sweetness by the cooking process and texture with the raw.  Two medium grated carrots, 3tsp mixed herbs, one handful of finely chopped Italian parsley, one egg, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, 1tsp sambal olek (optional, so little of this is used it does not make the mixture hot at all, just adds an extra level of depth to the end flavour) salt & pepper (be generous)  Mix well, I use my hands, it's the only way to distribute all the ingredients evenly.   I have made these generous in size, but for little mouths they may need to be a little smaller.   Roll your mixture into sausage lengths in some seasoned flour, place in 1/2 sheet puff pastry, roll then brush with beaten egg and bake until golden brown.  These freeze well so can be on hand for a quick snack.  Happy cooking :)

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