Sunday, April 11, 2010


I really enjoy eating lamb, it is incredibly versatile inasmuch that is has a great range of different cuts to suit all budgets.  I bought some lovely chump lamb chops (pictured) 1 inch thick in the old measure :) ideal for grilling for $10 per kilo, pretty good value.  I simply splashed some olive oil over, along with salt and a generous squeeze of lemon juice and oregano (I prefer the one in the packet that you pull of and smash up yourself,  a little extra in cost but more authentic taste I think, and it lasts for ever if sealed
properly) then grill in a very hot pan.

Tip when grilling.  Always rub your oil on the meat, then add to a very hot pan/grill, adding it to the pan first doesn't give as good a result, try it you'll be surprised.

After sealing the meat I popped into a hot oven 180 for about 15 min as they were very fat chops!
After removing from the oven it's important to let the meat rest, always!  I covered them and got on with the sauce.  After cooking there is normally some liquid residue in the pan from the meat, lemon juice and seasoning, it's as easy as reducing this down by half, which transforms it into a thick sauce ideal to pour over your lamb.
I served the lamb with some Turkish bread, available at most supermarkets,  I am fortunate enough to have a supplier near my butcher who not only makes great kebabs but also sells the bread.  It stores well in the freezer if well wrapped and can be thawed in the oven, or thrown on a hot grill.  Remember that beetroot pickle I blogged about a few days ago, well that went down well with the lamb and injected colour as well as taste!  Some wilted spinach, fresh tomato and tatziki completed the plate.

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