Sunday, April 18, 2010


I don't understand why paté is so expensive, a tiny slice hardly enough to have on toast can cost up to $4 no need to have any of that.  Chicken livers are very inexpensive around $3.50 per kilo, just one half of a kilo will make twice as much as pictured.  A few ingredients and you are there. Once you have made one and realise it's a snap you can experiment with different herbs, spirits there will be no end to what's possible.

Simply brown the chicken livers, 2 medium size onions, two cloves garlic, some chopped sage and two bay leaves and salt and pepper.  For this recipe butter really does make it better so sauté in a good 100grams of butter till brown but still a little pink on the inside. Add 1/3 cup brandy or port and flame.  This is achieved by tipping the pan on an angle allowing the the alcohol to catch alight, this then cooks the alcohol out of the mixture.

Once the flame has died down remove bay leaves allow to cool then pour into a food processor and blend well in short bursts. You could put it through but I like the rustic version so I tend to serve it as is.  Taste again before putting it into the container just to check the seasoning.  Refrigerate until ready eat, it's as simple as that.  If you would like to keep it longer than a day or so, melt some butter and tip it over the top, this will increase the shelf life.

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